Russian Speech. 2019. № 6

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Olga Yu. Avdevnina
"Dostatochno and Dovol’no: “Memory of Meaning” in Function Words Compatibility "
7 - 18
Oksana A. Bashkirtseva, Darja M. Dedkovskaya
"Adaptation of Anglicisms in the Russian Language (A Case Study of Words Selfmade, Handmade, Must Read, Must Have) "
19 - 31
Liu Dayang
"The Way We Talk in Our Daily Life (On One Potential Idiom of Russian Speech) "
32 - 44
Alexey E. Tsumarev, Larisa L. Shestakova, Fedor B. Lyudogovsky
"Religious Vocabulary in Explanatory Dictionary: Linguistic Standards "
45 - 57
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Elena L. Berezovich, Nadezhda V. Kabinina
"Once Again on the Origin of the Word Варежки ‘Mittens’ "
58 - 72
Olga P. Ermakova
Where Daughter and Widow are Hidden?
73 - 81
The Language of Fiction
The Language of Fiction
Natalia A. Nikolina, Zoya Yu. Petrova
"The Semantics of the Novel Title “Aviator” by E. Vodolazkin "
82 - 91
Viktoria V. Nikultseva, Vladimir N. Dyadichev
"“A s Zapada Padaet Krasny Sneg Sochnymi Kloch’yami Chelovech’ego Myasa...”. The Image of War in the Early Works of Vladimir Mayakovsky "
92 - 102
Valentina T. Sadchenko
"About One Type of Distributed Structures: Inparcelation in the Prose of A. S. Pushkin "
103 - 112
Russian National Corpus
Russian National Corpus
Kirill M. Korchagin
"What Russian Poetic Corpus is Made for and How to Use It "
113 - 127