Russian Speech. 2022. №6

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Olga V. Antonova
Variants of Stress in Russian Language: Codification and Usage (page, pan, parterre)
7 - 21
Alexei V. Balakhonov, Dmitrij I. Pankov, Yuri I. Stroev, Leonid P. Churilov
Zoological Metaphor in Medical Terminology
22 - 37
A. Л. Голованевский, Natalya V. Troshina
The Semantics of the Russian Word Tuda-Syuda: A Corpus-Based Research
38 - 49
Anna V. Zanadvorova
Poleznaya Dryan’ (‘Useful Rubbish’) and Tsennaya Fignya (‘Valuable Garbage’). On Some Cases of Changing the Assessment in Informal Colloquial Speech
50 - 62
Maria L. Kalenchuk
Professional Pronunciation Variants: Myths and Reality
63 - 70
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Evgenij A. Balashov
Some Features of the Use of the Word Poslednij (‘Last’) in the Russian Language of the 18th–19th Centuries
71 - 80
Язык художественной литературы
Язык художественной литературы
Olga I. Severskaya
Komar ‘Mosquito’ as an Inspirator and Co-author of G. R. Derzhavin, A. Parschikov, Yu. Arabov
81 - 93
Olga A. Selemeneva
Landscape Syntax in I. A. Bunin’s Cycle “The Bird’s Shadow”
94 - 105
Наука в лицах
Наука в лицах
Irina I. Fougeron
Kartsevsky at the Beginning of His Scientifi c Career (Based on Archive Materials)
106 - 116
Book News
Book News
Vladimir I. Zaika, Oleg V. Nikitin
COVID-19, Who Could Expect This! (On the “Dictionary of the Russian Language in the Coronavirus Era”)
117 - 128