Russian Speech. 2024. №1

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Vladimir V. Glebkin, Elizaveta A. Evchuk
Experimental Study of Lexical Choice Situation (on the Material of the Constructions otkryvat' butylku ‘open a bottle’ and otkuporivat' butylku ‘uncork a bottle’)
7 - 20
Sergey V. Knyazev
There’s Less Jakan’je Here (Unstressed Vowel Systems of Two Neighbouring Tambov Dialects)
21 - 32
Е. Н. Никитина
How is a generically personal statement born?
33 - 48
Marina G. Sokolova
“Fresh or not Fresh?” (Linguistic Portraying of the Word Фреш (Fresh) in Modern Journalistic Discourse)
49 - 59
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Anastasiya S. Glagoleva
Bish’: Bayat’ or Byt’? About the Origin of One Particle
60 - 69
Natal’ya V. Nikolenkova
The First Stage of Russian Scientific Terminology Formation: The Predecessors of M. V. Lomonosov
70 - 81
Язык художественной литературы
Язык художественной литературы
Irina A. Kiseleva, Ksenia A. Potashova, Alyona S. Ermakova
Lexic-semantic Representation of the Image of the Caucasus in the Works of M. Yu. Lermontov
82 - 97
Ekaterina V. Sharapova
Sound Metaphors in Vera Bogdanova’s novel The Season of Poisoned Fruit
98 - 106
Mstislav I. Shutan
Period in L. N. Tolstoy's Novel “War and Peace”
107 - 123
Наука в лицах
Наука в лицах

In memory of Alexander Anatolyevich Sokolyansky
124 - 127