Russian Speech. 2023. № 3

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
D. M. Savinov
On the Principles of Compiling Normative Dictionaries of Standard Russian Language
7 - 20
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Yana E. Akhapkina
A Forgotten Idiom with the Meaning of Measure and Degree
21 - 39
Elena V. Generalova
Muzhnyaya Zhena and Divo Divnoe: from the History of Pleonastic Combinations in Russian Language
40 - 54
Alexandra A. Pletneva
Jester Names: Lubok Characters Farnos, Gonos and Yeralash
55 - 67
Tatiana S. Sadova, Dmitrii V. Rudnev
Rukoprikladstvo (‘Manhandling’): from ‘Handwritten Signature’ to ‘Beating’
68 - 79
Язык художественной литературы
Язык художественной литературы
Oleg A. Lekmanov
Father and His Family (Genre Originality of L. Petrushevskaya’s Story “The New Robinsons”, 1989)
80 - 86
Ol’ga V. Mar’ina, Irina N. Ostrovskikh
Quoting as a Refl ection Technique in K. D. Vorobyov’s Novella “Here Comes the Giant...”
87 - 101
Pavel Uspenskij
“They Don’t Choose the Times...”: an Essay on Alexander Kushner’s Doxa and Paradoxes (Idiomatics and Ideology)
102 - 116
Olga A. Chureyeva
Transmutation as a Tool of Dramatic Text Interpretation
117 - 127